We donate 10% of all muslin sales to Tommy's, the baby charity.

Why Organic Cotton?

Organic cotton feels much softer than non-organic cotton and is much more absorbent. But why? Organic cotton is handpicked, preserving the nature of each fibre ensuring that they aren't damaged in the process.

There is clearly a huge demand for non-organic cotton and as a result it is usually machine-picked for efficiency. The purity of the fibres is lost in this process, and the fibres become damaged. Organic cotton has longer fibres which make it feel softer, and make it more durable. 

We also love that organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides, and other toxic chemicals. Instead, organic farmers use beneficial insects, crop rotation, compost, cover crops and weed by hand or machine in order to build soil quality, enhance biodiversity and protect the air and water on which we depend.

So it feels better AND it's better for the planet... but possibly the most important thing for you and your baby? Organic cotton is hypoallergenic and is one of the safest fabrics for your skin.