We donate 10% of all muslin sales to Tommy's, the baby charity.


  • Nine Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Baby Swaddle

    There's no baby product that is more versatile, and gives as much value for money, so here are my nine favourite ways to get the most out of a muslin swaddle.
  • Working With A Charity

    We have some exciting news to share in the New Year, and we're so excited that we couldn't help but offer a little snippet of what's to come. 

    Becoming a mum was a large inspiration for setting up Pattie & Co. for a number of reasons. Finding a way to work independently and from home so that I could be flexible around my son's needs was important, and finding a way to keep muslins in my life may have had something to do with it too! But becoming a mother has instilled a need in me to do something more.

  • Why Organic Cotton?

    Choosing Organic Cotton reduces your baby's exposure to toxic and persistent pesticides on their skin.