Nine Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Baby Swaddle

I discovered muslins when I became pregnant, like most people do. Little did I realise just how much I’d come to depend on them. Squirty boobs, a pukey baby, and leaky nappies all worked to ensure I spent the majority of my son’s first year covered in damp patches, and muslins proved to be the best way to avoid them.

Not only that, but rather than carry around a blanket, sun shade, changing mat, and nursing apron in my changing bag, I found that a few easy to clean, quick drying swaddles did the trick without the extra bulk.

I can’t think of a baby product that is more versatile, and gives as much value for money, so here are my nine favourite ways to get the most out of a muslin swaddle.

  1. Crib Sheet
    A muslin swaddle is large enough to add an extra layer of protection between your baby and whatever surface they’re lying on, including their crib, cot or Sleepyhead. This might help avoid a complete sheet change, and will almost certainly prevent your mattress or baby pod from getting more permanently stained! Not to mention, our organic cotton provides a super soft surface for them to snuggle up to.

  1. Nursing Cover
    Swaddles are large enough to provide a little bit of discretion when you’re feeding on the go. As your baby gets older, you might find they get more distracted by their surroundings. Having a large muslin to hand is an easy way to help them concentrate on the matter at hand, and organic cotton is breathable and lightweight to keep your baby comfortable.
  1. Pram Cover
    The muslin’s fine weave and breathability means it is a perfect cover for baby’s pram, and will offer a shady, stimulation free environment for a naptime on the go too. Grab a couple of pegs to keep it attached on windy days!
  1. Blanket
    Not just for babies, either. If your little one has nodded off on the go, or on the sofa, grab a super soft organic muslin swaddle to keep them cosy. This can be especially useful for naps on flights when you’re short of space but sometimes a little cold.
  1. Swaddle
    A lot of parents swear by the security and comfort offered by swaddling since it can help to recreate the snug feeling of a womb, and reduce the chances of their startle reflex waking them up.  
  1. Burp Cloth
    I’ll never forget the time I arrived home to discover I’d be wandering around with baby sick all the way down my back for 3 hours. Using a muslin swaddle as a one shoulder accessory will provide maximum coverage for all those burping moments, that smaller muslins just don’t offer.
  1. Floor Mat 
    Sometimes you need to put your baby on the floor, and whether you want to protect your baby or perhaps a new carpet, a swaddle can provide an easy solution if you haven’t got a play mat to hand. They are especially handy in the park on a summer’s day.

  2. Changing Table Cover
    There’s not too many babies that love having their nappy changed. Plastic changing mats can be pretty cold and sticky on your baby’s bare bottom, but using a soft cotton surface can sometimes make that experience a little more pleasant for them. Our muslin is machine washable and durable so you don’t need to worry about how many times it needs a wash either.  



  1. Poolside Cover Up
    At 120cm x 120cm, our muslin swaddles make a very quick and convenient poolside coverup. Simply tie two corners in a knot over the top of your swimsuit and hey presto! They are fast drying too, so no need to worry about getting them damp.

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