How to keep your baby cool through hot summer nights

Baby having tummy time on large colourful Pattie & Co. muslin

Ah, the Great British Summer. Famous for its unpredictability and tendency to serve up grey skies and unseasonable temperatures at the most inconvenient times (school holidays, mainly!). Little wonder then, that when the mercury rises in the UK everyone gets a little bit overexcited!

But one thing that’s definitely NOT fun about a sudden heatwave or prolonged spell of hot weather is trying to get your baby to sleep at night. It’s no mean feat! So, with a serious dose of sunshine rumoured to be on the horizon (here’s hoping), I wanted to share some of the ways 100% organic-cotton muslin can help your baby stay cool and sleep well through long, hot summer nights.

How does cotton muslin keep you cool?

Cotton is a natural fibre. When it’s spun and woven into cloth, the finished fabric allows air to flow through it freely, which means wearing cotton clothing against the skin helps keep the body well ventilated and cool. Cotton fabric is also extremely absorbent, so it wicks sweat away from the body and dries quickly to prevent that damp, sticky feeling we all hate.

Muslin is a particularly good weave for the summer months. It has a loose, open structure and a lightweight feel, which means it maximises comfort and breathability further still.

Is organic-cotton muslin better?

Organic cotton won’t keep you any cooler than regular cotton, but it’s a much better option when it comes to skin kindness. Unlike traditional cotton, it’s farmed without the use of pesticides and chemicals, which can linger in the finished fabric and trigger skin irritation. Hot weather is well known for causing itchy, prickly heat rashes and aggravating skin conditions like eczema, so the last thing you want is to be putting anything against your little one’s skin that may cause further discomfort.

We only use 100% organic cotton for our muslin squares, blankets, swaddles and comforters, because we believe that it’s the very best option for babies’ delicate skin – at any time of year. Find out more about the benefits of organic cotton here.

Choose cotton-muslin bedding to keep children cool at night.

When it comes to choosing bedding for your little one, the best move you can make is to step away from anything synthetic and opt for 100% natural fibres that will help keep them at a comfortable temperature through the night.

If your baby is tiny and likes to be swaddled for sleeping, consider switching to an organic-cotton muslin swaddle to reduce the chances of them overheating. Always keep an eye on your baby’s room temperature and aim to keep it between 16 and 20°, which is the temperature range recommended by The Lullaby Trust for safe sleeping.

For toddlers who are in their big-kid bed, a cotton-muslin blanket makes a brilliant alternative to a duvet. Our super-soft blankets are a generous 120 x 120cm, so they’re actually big enough for kids as old as five or six! They’re perfect for giving your child the security of feeling ‘tucked in’, while allowing heat and moisture to escape as they sleep. They’re also ideal for rolling up and popping in your suitcase for nights away from home and holidays.

Hot-weather hacks with muslin squares

Moses basket with 3 rainbow muslin squares draped over it

Our organic-cotton muslin squares might be smaller than our swaddles and blankets, but they’re still super useful to have around through the summer!

If you’re using a fan or air-conditioning unit in your little one’s room, try hanging a cold, wet muslin in front of it to bring the air temperature down even more. Be sure to position the fan so it faces an open window, as this will create a blissfully cool cross breeze.

Dabbing a damp muslin against the back of the neck is a lovely way to cool down children and grown-ups alike! And a muslin square really comes into its own for breastfeeding mamas (if you’ve ever experienced breastfeeding a hot little baby, you’ll know only too well what a sweaty affair it can be for all concerned!). Simply place a muslin square between you and your baby to avoid getting stuck to each other!

Have you got any other tips for helping your baby sleep well through the summer? Comment below and we’ll share the best ones in our Instagram stories!

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